Remaining bills

  1. Federalism
  2. Security of Tenure Bill (End of Endo/Contractualization)
  3. Utilization of the Coconut Levy Fund
  4. National Transport Act to address traffic crisis
  5. Budget Reform Act
  6. National Land Use Act
  7. Rightsizing of the National Government
  8. People’s Broadcasting Corporation Charter Bill
  9. Amendments to the Anti-Cybercrime Act
  10. Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill
  11. Amendments to Republic Act (RA) 7718, Otherwise Known as the BOT Law
  12. Amendments to the Agricultural Tariffication Act of 1996
  13. Land Administration Reform Act
  14. Delineation of the Specific Forest Limits
  15. Amendments to Public Service Act
  16. Allowable/Recovery System Loss Act
  17. Social Security Act Amendments
  18. Government Procurement Reform Act Amendments
  19. Enhanced Universal Health Care Act


  1. Free Higher Education Act
  2. Comprehensive Tax Reform Program
  3. Philippine Qualifications Framework
  4. Amendments to the NIA Charter RE: Free Irrigation Act
  5. Ease of Doing Business Act/Fast Business Permit Act
  6. National Mental Health Care Delivery System Act
  7. Strengthening the Balik-Scientist Program
  8. Unified National Identification System Act
  9. Occupational Safety and Health Hazards Compliance Act