The NEDA-LEDAC Secretariat, headed by ADG Kenneth V. Tanate on behalf of Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Arsenio M. Balisacan, Director Jocelyn P. Reyes of the Legal Staff, and the LEDAC Secretariat personnel, provided a briefing about the LEDAC to the Russian Delegation headed by Ambassador Nikolay Rishatovich Kudashev.

Director Reyes, who is also the Supervising Official of the LEDAC Secretariat, gave a brief presentation about the LEDAC, its creation, mandate, membership, duties and functions, the LEDAC common legislative agenda, as well as NEDA’s role and responsibility to the Council. Dir. Reyes mentioned that the NEDA is the principal Secretariat to the LEDAC with staff support of the planning offices of both chambers of Congress, Offices of the Executive Secretary, Cabinet Secretary, Presidential Legislative Liaison, and Presidential Management Staff. The LEDAC, as Reyes emphasized, is a consultative/advisory body to the President on certain programs and policies essential to the realization of the goals of the national economy.

On the other hand, Russian Ambassador Kudashev discussed the Russian counterpart of the LEDAC called the Civic Chamber of the Russian Federation.The Ambassador explained that the Chamber is a state institution with 126 members created in 2005 in Russia to analyze draft legislation and monitor the activities of the parliament, government and other government bodies of Russia and its Federal Subjects. It has a role similar to an oversight committee and has consultative powers as well.

Ambassador Kudashev inquired on the possibility whether the NEDA-LEDAC Secretariat may be connected with their Public Chamber in the Asian Region. ADG Tanate pointed out that the matter may somewhat fall within the ambit of a bilateral agreement between the Philippines and the Russian Federation. As such, ADG Tanate advised the delegation to formalize its proposal by writing the Secretary of the Department of Foreign Affairs a letter, copy furnished the NEDA.

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