In its second meeting under the Duterte administration yesterday, the Legislative-Executive Development Advisory Council (LEDAC) approved the Common Legislative Agenda (CLA) for the 17th Congress.

The CLA consists of 28 priority measures, 14 of which were recommended by the LEDAC Executive Committee as urgent last July to emphasize the necessity of having them passed into law within the year.

“We are pleased that the approved CLA responds to what the Philippine Development Plan 2017-2022 has laid out. In fact, 21 out of the 28 measures are identified as priority legislations in the PDP. This development only shows that the whole of government is moving forward in the same direction,” Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Ernesto M. Pernia said.

He also noted that the necessary bills have been filed for all the measures in both houses of Congress, and 10 are already in the advanced stages of legislation, as follows:

  1. Comprehensive Tax Reform
  2. National Land Use Act
  3. Rightsizing of the National Government
  4. Amendments to the NIA Charter RE: Free Irrigation Act
  5. Ease of Doing Business Act
  6. National Mental Health Care Delivery System
  7. Occupational Safety and Health Hazards Compliance
  8. Strengthening the Balik-Scientist Program
  9. Philippine Qualifications Framework
  10. Social Security Act Amendments

Pernia added that the Common Legislative Priorities of Congress (consisting of 39 common priorities of both Houses of Congress) and the President’s Legislative Agenda (consisting of 55 proposed legislations) were the bases of the prioritization.

Meanwhile, the full council, chaired by the President, also approved the LEDAC Organizational Structure that listed the composition of LEDAC, the Executive Committee, and the LEDAC Secretariat-Technical Working Group.

Widely represented, the LEDAC is the highest consultative and advisory body to the President on economic and development matters to integrate the legislative agenda with the national development plan.




ANNEX: Common Legislative Agenda (CLA) approved by LEDAC Full Council (August 29, 2017)


  1. Federalism
  2. Unified National Identification System Act
  3. Security of Tenure Bill (End of Endo/Contractualization)
  4. National Mental Health Care Delivery System
  5. Occupational Safety and Health Hazards Compliance
  6. Utilization of the Coconut Levy Fund
  7. Comprehensive Tax Reform
  8. National Transport Act to address transport traffic crisis
  9. Budget Reform Act
  10. National Land Use Act
  11. Rightsizing of the National Government
  12. People’s Broadcasting Corporation Charter Bill
  13. Amendments to the Anti-Cybercrime Act
  14. Genuine Agrarian Reform Bill
  15. Strengthening the Balik-Scientist Program
  16. Philippine Qualifications Framework
  17. Amendments to Republic Act No. 7718, Otherwise Known as the Build-Operate-And-Transfer (BOT) Law
  18. Amendments to the Agricultural Tariffication Act of 1996
  19. Land Administration Reform Act
  20. Delineation of the Specific Forest Limits
  21. Amendments to the NIA Charter RE: Free Irrigation Act
  22. Amendment to Public Service Act
  23. Social Security Act Amendments
  24. Free Higher Education Act
  25. Ease of Doing Business Act/Fast Business Permit Act
  26. Government Procurement Reform Act Amendments
  27. Enhanced Universal Health Care Act
  28. Allowable/Recoverable System Loss Act


*Italicized measures are the 14 measures recommended by the LEDAC ExeCom as urgent, to emphasize the necessity of having them passed into law within the year

*In bold are the 10 measures in advanced stages of legislation. Free Higher Education Act was signed into law last August 2.